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Plasticbag Facemask - Whited Sepulcher

Image of Plasticbag Facemask - Whited Sepulcher


Plasticbag Facemask - Whited Sepulcher
//25 Opaque White
//25 Translucent Blue

/Hand Cut J-Cards
Album Art by Connie Sgarbossa
Plasticbag Facemask returns with their newest venture. Mathy cybergrind for fans of Destroyer Destroyer, Euclid C Finder, WristMeetsRazor.

Dedicated to Remi.
"At times this sounds a bit like Moxiebeat (I think it's the vocals) and at other times Between The Buried And Me (mathy noodles and a ton of change-ups). In conclusion, whatever may be happening in any given song at any time, PLASTICBAG FACEMASK definitely lives up to their name - completely smothering the listener." - Open Mind//Saturated Brain

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