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The Callous Daoboys - Die on Mars

Image of The Callous Daoboys - Die on Mars

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Expect to ship June, 2019
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The Callous Daoboys - Die on Mars
//75 Matte White
//25 Boxset

/Hand Cut J-Cards
/Hand Stamped
Grab your cowboy hat and put on your spurs, because The Callous Daoboys return with more southern styled mathcore. They're hear to cause a ruckus, with a unique vocal performance, loud noise, and a sardonic sense of humor. Die on Mars is a masterpiece in the genre and deserves to go down in history. This might be the single most chilling message you will ever hear.

Available alongside the release will be a box set of every current The Callous Daoboys releases, issued on cassette, some for the first time, as well as some nice goodies. Perfect for any metalcore fan or collector. More details soon.

FFO: The Chariot, Glassjaw, The Dillinger Escape Plan


4 Cassette discography
PRR/Daoboys bandana (white on black) Designed by Mark Warm
4 of 10 Daoboy trading cards
various trinkets
hand stained wooden box
packed in hay