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Warm Darn - Badger Blanket//Songs About Transition

Image of Warm Darn - Badger Blanket//Songs About Transition


//25 Blue Tapes w/ White Cases
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Badger Blanket

A bittersweet birthday gift. Sour candy. Hopeless mopery. The first Warm Darn EP, a sign of things to come.

Songs about Transition

Barely listenable. Mostly improvised. Wabi-sabi trans-anthems. Genderless tenderness. The second Warm Darn EP, recorded live around 2016 and stitched together into a story.


On Badger Blanket:

“The depth of field is diverse, with proximal clicks and beeps lending intimacy and texture to distant, ethereal pads. The instrumentation is lush but always spares breathing room for the airy, at times psychedelic, vocal tracks. That all the songs feel of a piece makes them individually all the more effective.


On Songs about Transition:

“unique...willingness to improvise and accept what I surmise were first takes. That, coupled with the impromptu production, lends the album an intimacy and a rawness that could easily have been lost with any other process. Becoming, too, is an improvisational process, partly rehearsed but mostly born by momentum and discovery. Yielding a certain amount of control is a necessary part of artistic endeavor, as well of rebirth”



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