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Watabou - Plasticity

Image of Watabou - Plasticity


//25 Gold (Band Variant)
//35 Silver (Label Variant)

/Hand Cut J-Cards
/Hand Stamped
Album Art by icekey
Produced by Matthew Morden
"Plasticity is my reaction to a constantly evolving struggle that progressively splinters as it grows, creating calloused social circumstances based on our own unwillingness to accept and admit to our vulnerabilities. It is a depiction of the subconscious thought processes and circular conflicts which create out identities. It is about the awareness and manipulation of these thoughts and ideals to create our own personas and communities. The name Plasticity itself is a reference to the contrast between the fantastic depths of neuroplasticity and the "plastic" passive behaviors that are socially prevalent. The presence of these thoughts in everyday life is something I've appreciated learning throughout the creation of Plasticity and I hope it's something you find valuable as well. You are just as vital to my existence and growth as I am."
- Rebeka Riott

FFO: Bubblegum Octopus, iamerror, Atari Teenage Riot

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